Ocean object detection problem

If I try to apply this procedure to a COSSC file, there is a warning: “Coregistrated file is already calibrated”.
So, working with the graph building option, I create the processing steps excluding calibration and another warning appears :" file should be calibrated". Someone can explain the reason? Thank you

what sensor are you using and which product level?

I’m working with 1B product level from the mission Tandem X/ TerraSar

sorry, I meant product in the sense of what is illustrated in chapter 5 of this document: https://www.intelligence-airbusds.com/files/pmedia/public/r459_9_20171004_tsxx-airbusds-ma-0009_tsx-productguide_i2.01.pdf

Ok, so you are talking about this information:

did you import the data as a coregistered TanDEM-X scene or as single TerraSAR-X image?

Coregistered Tandem-X scene

You can try to import only one of the rasters by selecting File > Import > SAR sensors > TerraSAR-X and select the XML inside the TSX folder