Oceanic Current Interferometry

Hi everyone,

i am trying to detect oceanic current by using sentinel SLC IW data but i am a little confused about what steps I apply
I need some basic steps to detect current with SAR Data

Please Help

Hi M.Ali512,

have you tried to find / read / analyse some papers on that subjects ?
I’m quite sure you can find an answer easily by doing that.

I’m not a ocean specialist but ocean current is not a direct value you can obtain with SAR interferometry. You can derive the current if you have a frequent value of ocean topography I guess (with ocean models ?). And better with a cross-track interferometry SAR. But with InSAR system you will have big issues coming from wind and waves.

Try to find papers with some of these keywords. I’m 100% sure you’ll find strong scientists investigating this subject.

Repeat-pass across-track InSAR does not help with currents. You would need a single-pass along-track interferometer for that.

That being said, the radial movement of the ocean surface can be observed with a SAR. It is not easy and even after all the sensor-geometric corrections one is still left with wind-related effects (the wind pushes the top millimeters of the ocean around) and not pure current-induced motion.

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