Official, public sen2cor repository?


I’m wondering, is there any official, public git/svn/hg repository for the sen2cor code? The only somewhat related resources I could find were the senbox-org/sen2proc (claims to contain sen2cor, but only has sen2three) repo on GitHub and the read-only senbox JIRA board.

To get the source code, I currently have to download the stand-alone installer, extract and isolate the module (and it’s dependencies) from the packed venv. This is a real pain…

As the code is distributed under Apache license I don’t see a reason not to publish to a publicly accessible platform. Actually, I think the project could benefit a lot from community contributions.

I could also host my own repo (like GitHub user umwilm), but as sen2cor and S[1-3] Toolbox are actively maintained by ESA dev team I thought I’ll first try to understand their reason for not hosting a public repo.

Thanks for your answers!


Any luck locating the public repo for sen2cor?

I think currently there is now public code repository available.
Maybe @Fabrizio_Ramoino can clarify the status.