Offset tracking result export - Incorrect projection (GeoTIFF)

The results obtained from the offset tracking using Sentinel-1 in SNAP were good except when I exported it in GeoTIFF/GeoTIFF+XML/GeoTIFF+BigTIFF format to open in ArcMap, the images were displaced from the actyual position. I tried changing the projection systems but it also didn’t work for me. Could you please guide me for exporting the BEAM-DIMAP to GeoTIFF format? I also tried calculating the velocity directly in GeoTIFF format but the results were same.

Also, are the velocity in m/day or is between the displacement between two time period of acquisition?

I’ve attached the results of SNAP as well as ArcMap.

Did you terrain correct the result into your desired coordinate-system?

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No I didn’t terrain correct the image previously. I terrain corrected it now but the size of the image is exceeding 4 GB and it is not being converted into GeoTIFF. Is there any other method that could be used for exporting the BEAM-DIMAP results into GeoTIFF format?

you can leave the BEAM-DIMAP format as output for the RD Terrain Correction and directly open the img files in the .data folder into your GIS.

May I ask where your data is located and which scenes you used? This is a nice example for the Offset Tracking tool and I would like to repeat it with my students if you agree.

If the data volume exceeds 2GB you can choose BigTiff as output format or you follow the suggestion of ABraun.

It looks like the ice-stream(s) feeding the Amery ice shelf in East Antarctica. Antarctica should be a good case since there is practically no surface melting and the ice stream are big.

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Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your suggestions. I tried BigTIFF and got my results.