Oil spill detection not running


I’m doing oil spill detection using the dedicated tool in SNAP. I managed to run the process once using the default parameters. I am trying now to use other settings to improve the results. After pressing the Run button, the progress bar starts in 0% and do not move (I have been waiting for hours).

Any idea why the process is not even starting?

I am using the product

I am working n a W10 machine with SNAP 5.0 version

Any idea what is causing the problem?

Did you unzip your data or use it as zip file? I noticed that some processes take considerably longer if the S1 data is imported as zip file.

I am using the unzipped S1 product. I selected a new directory for the second run and now its working. Maybe the process is blocked if it detects a previous product (although it does not make sense)

I will check if the problem-solution can be reproduced and let the forum know.

Thanks for the advice, I will also check processing time with the unzip data


Hi MCG, I have a similar problem. My process reaches a certain percentage and can not continue (I left it all night).
I noticed that leaving the defaunt settings (Oil-Spill_Detection -> Background Windows size: 61 and Threshold shift: 2.0) the algorithm runs normally, but fails to identify the spot.
In your case have you managed to get a good result with the default settings or have you changed them?
Thank you

Hi @waldes87,

I used only the original parameters to test the algorithm. I did play quite some time with the parameters until I got a nice result. There is no pre-defined value for all the situations so you should try and see the influence of each one in your final mask.


Please I’m facing this same problem now, what should I do.


please let me know when you already resolve the unworking running in oil spill detection. because im facing the problem right now.


Have you tried this solution?

what does unzipped file means? i have to extract the file first?. please help me, im in internship now im facing this oil spill detection and i have no progress here

is that because my pyhton??

Yes, you extract the zip file with a file manager, 7zip for example.

I don’t think it is related to Python, because SNAP operates on its own.

Okey, the zip files becoming unzip file rightnow. which im confused when its becoming unzip files. how can i open in snap? same like zip file open product?

i already unziped this file and its running now. hopefully this is working. thank you for answering me

very good.