OLCI L2 Products

Hello, sorry for the perhaps silly question. I would like to ask where I can download data (2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023) related to OLCI L2 from Sentinel3. Until now, i was using Data Centre for SST products. I want to download OL_2_WFR products and by choosing the option “OLCI Level 2 Product, Full Resolution Water and Atm. geophys. prod” in data Centre, i have OL_2WFR products. Is there any other way,am i doing anything wrong ?

Thank you for your time

ps: Is there any tutorial for OLCI products?

OLCI L2 data can be retrieved from Eumetsat and Copernicus

A good introduction to OLCI gives this tutorial: Course: CMDS Essentials Pack for Ocean Applications | self-paced learning | EUMETSAT

This ESA user guide is also a good starting point: User Guides - Sentinel-3 OLCI - Sentinel Online - Sentinel Online (esa.int)


The EUMETSAT products are the recommended ones for doing quantitative analysis of WQ parametres.


Thank you people, i think i found a solution. From the data center. I have order some data to do my experiments.