OLCI reprojection produces distortion and noise

I got a weird result reprojecting (Geographic Lat/Lon WGS84) an OLCI scene.

This problem seems to occur for some images including the date line at 180˚E, although the subset I created before reprojection does not include the dateline.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

I thought this is already fixed in the SNAP 7 with the latest updates.
If not, it will be with the next release.
Have you installed all updates?

I think you are using the pixel-based geo-coding, right? You could witch in the options to the tie-point based geo-coding, if your use-case allows it.

Thank you, Marpet.
I am using an up-to-date SNAP V7.0. When will SNAP 8 be released?

Yes, I am also using the per-pixel geocoding as I am doing an analysis of small inland waters and want to be as accurate as possible. I will try to switch it off.

Best, Moritz

The release should be in the coming weeks. We are in the final testing phase. If don’t find any serious issue it won’t take long anymore.