Older "Slice" products (SENTINEL_SAFE format) not able to be opened in SNAP 8.0

Dear @marpet,

We have a User who notes that “old” format products (i.e. those named in the SENTINEL_SAFE Naming Convention (as opposed to the Compact Naming convention introduced on 6th of December 2016 and in use today) and containing more than one Tile) cannot be opened in SNAP 8.0.

We have confirmed this using a product from our stash. The error message received is is “The tile offset -17 is < 0.” (see attached image):

Can you confirm (or not) that this is an issue with compatibility in SNAP 8.0, please?

Thanks in advance


Jan Jackson
S2 MPC Operations Manager

Dear @Jan,
I am not sure if the product I quickly found is similar with yours, but it opens with SNAP without error:

Can you send me your product somehow? (e.g. by wetransfer) Or point me to a location where I can still find this kind of old format products?
Thank you in advance.

Hello @oana_hogoiu Oana

Thanks for your feedback. Strange… does yours cross UTM zones? I recieve the error message after I have been prompted by SNAP to select a UTM zone.

I’ll dig out a product.

Thanks again



Yes, I’ve also been prompted by SNAP before opening the product:

I tried with both UTM zones and I am able to open the product without issues.

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Hi Oana,

I just tried with a product from our test data set.
I was able to open the product but when trying to display an image I got this error (SNAP8, latest updates):

java.lang.RuntimeException: Waiting thread received a null tile.
	at com.sun.media.jai.util.SunTileScheduler.scheduleTile(Unknown Source)
	at javax.media.jai.OpImage.getTile(Unknown Source)
	at javax.media.jai.RenderedOp.getTile(Unknown Source)
	at org.esa.snap.core.datamodel.StxFactory.accumulateTile(StxFactory.java:351)

This one has the granules side by side and not on top of each other.

It is located in: s2tbx\S2\L2A\S2A_USER_PRD_MSIL2A_PDMC_20160710T185720_R051_V20160710T105247_20160710T105247.SAFE

Do you get an error with this product?

Hi @marpet ,

I got no exception error with the last version.

But the tile order are not correct.

Could you confirm if you have the same exception with the last version?

JIRA ticket created for this issue: SNAP-1494.