Open S2-L2A products on SNAP

After have successfully processed the S2-L1C data using Sen2Cor I can not open using SNAP.
I received the attached error message.

Could you tell us the processing level as well as the L1C product used? Thanks in advance.

I’ve almost the same problem, the S2-L2A is successfully compute but when trying to open the L2A products I have this error. Do anyone have a solution

What version of SNAP are you using?


I’m using SNAP 5.0.4. The L2A is compute with sen2cor 2.3.0
Thank you in advance


In previous versions we had some problems with the long paths of the products in Windows. Currently this problem is fixed, but if the option of short path is not activated in windows, it is not working properly. Are you processing a product with the new compact naming convention? Could you try to copy your file to a shorter path and try to open it again?

I’ve test the shorter path and it works! Thanks a lot