Open Sen2Cor results in QGIS

Has there been an update regarding this matter?
I have images that I atmospherically corrected with sen2cor. It would be great if I can open them with QGIS easily instead of opening each band individually.
Thank you

I would convert them to GeoTIFF before working in QGIS.

Yes. Thank you. I do that sometimes. But, it requires me to spatially resample the images first in SNAP before exporting. For my analysis, I try to have different options of spatial resolutions available at hand. So, it is a bit time consuming to prepare the data.

If you need to resample for your application I would try GDAL in command line. You only need two lines of code and usually runs much faster than resampling in SNAP. You can import all the images at once, set the output folder, format, etc.


I will try it. Thank you.