Opening MODIS MYD02HKM (500 m) / MOD02HKM (500 m) in SNAP


I am actually working with MODIS imagery on SNAP 5.0.0 :

  • MOD02QKM (250 m) / MOD02HKM (500 m) for Terra
  • MYD02QKM (250 m) / MYD02HKM (500 m) for Aqua
    I succeeded to open MOD02HKM (250 m) and MYD02HKM (250 m) without problem and I could work on it. But with MYD02QKM (500 m) and MOD02QKM (500 m), a window with SNAP warning appears saying « No appropriate product reader found » for the selected image. I don’t know what is the problem.
    I’ve checked in the help “in import MODIS product” and the MOD02QKM/MYD02QKM must be supported.

Thank you for your help in advance,
Cassandra Normandin

I just tried it and I was able to open such a file (MYD02HKM.A2016024.1335.006.2016025160052.hdf) without any problem. It is fromm the LAADS service.
Maybe there is a problem with your downloaded file.

Thank you for your answer!
It works too for me for MYD02HKM but with MYD02QKM (250 m), it doesn’t work…
I’ve downloaded these images on

Thank you,

My colleague gave me this product, because you said in the SeaDAS forum you can’t open HKM files.

I’ve now also downloaded QKM file and it works too. You can see it in the screenshot.

I’ve used the webpage to compute a checksum.
It is 3B1116AF362267F81AD0B23C39132242 for the file MYD02QKM.A2016024.1335.006.2016025160052.hdf
Maybe you can do the same and compare the checksum. It it not the same then something is probably wrong with your file.

Ok I did a checksum for my file.
It is 142A8E456C2EBF7CBCA30CEB081B5F1A for my file MOD02QKM.A2015001.1040.006.2015002130056.hdf
Even for an other date on the same area (Gironde Estuary, tile H17V04), it doesn’t work.
But for MYD02QKM it works well.

I’ve downloaded the same file as you and it works on my computer too!

I’ve downloaded this files (MOD02QKM.A2015001.1040.006.2015002130056.hdf) too.
It works.

The Md5 of this file is for me 66908976EC6BD91B13CD37C5BCFBDE3D

Maybe you don’t have the latest updates installed?
Try from the menu Help / Check for Updates

I checked and installed the latest updates installed.
I’ve downloaded again the same file (MOD02QKM.A2015001.1040.006.2015002130056.hdf) and I don’t know why but this time, it works!

Thank you very much for your help,
Cassandra Normandin