Opening SAOCOM SLC data in SNAP

Dear SNAP users and developers,

It is possible now to test SAOCOM images in their SLC fomet in SNAP?

Reminder, SAOCOM published detected images . I roughly translated their guide in english here: SAOCOM. how to read in snap.pdf (286.7 KB)

Following the same steps, I was hoping that SNAP could be able to read them, but I have an error saying “unsupported sample format for 64 bits data”.

I imagine it is caused by the complex encoding of the data.

  <LinesStep unit="s">0.00492178250942089</LinesStep>
  <SamplesStep unit="s">1.666666666666e-08</SamplesStep>
  <LinesStart unit="Utc">04-DEC-2019 10:19:37.199180483818</LinesStart>
  <SamplesStart unit="s">0.004402818811659999811</SamplesStart>

thanks for reading,

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