Openjp2.dll in system32 folder

Dear SNAP development team,

I would like to ask if it’s possible that SNAP could be installing, or had installed in the past, openjp2.dll in windows system32 folder, because it is giving problems with other software, as system32 is searched before anything on %PATH% (please see this discussion that follows some others).

It’s extremely difficult to understand what software had installed openjp2.dll in system32, but I’d been tracking this dll for several hours and SNAP calls it several times

I also confirmed that people with the issue have SNAP installed, and people without the problem does not have SNAP in the system. This is a guess, and so I would like to get your opinion.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Pedro Venâncio

I checked both my Windows systems. They are both systems purchased with Windows 10, not upgrades from older Windows versions. They had SNAP 7 and now 8, but do not have openjp2.dllin C:\Windows\system32. Years ago (2016–2018) there were problems with systems that had old versions of openjp2.dll installed by some other software. Internet sites often suggest copying some “desired” XXX.dll to C:\Windows\system32, so this sort of problem is not unusual for Windows systems.

@gnwiii Thanks for your reply! I think I’ve found the responsible for openjp2.dll in C:\Windows\system32. SNAP simply calls it when it is there.

Sorry for the noise and thank you very much!

No need to be sorry. I’m sure others will have the same problem so it is good to have this documented in a way that can be found with a search in the forum.

I assume you just removed the errant openjp2.dll without causing something else to fail.

That’s correct @gnwiii , I’ve changed the name of openjp2.dll, untill have found the software that needs it to start (a digital signature software). SNAP works perfectly without openjp2.dll in C:\Windows\system32, because it has it’s own as expected.