OpenSNAPtools Python library development

I’ve started developing a Python library with code for running SNAP graphs and GPT operators from Python scripts, specifically so that processes can be batched in Python with greater ease, and without the need to use Snappy. I’ve created a Github repository at:

The code assumes that you know how to write and configure your own graphs or have a basic knowledge of GPT.

At present, the code will only run either a relatively simple graph or an operator, and will create output filenames based upon what operations were performed during execution, unless you choose to override this with a specific filename. For operators you will have to create the properties file yourself.

I’ll be updating this with improvements as I make them, and invite you all to join me in developing this further.


That’s nice. Thanks for sharing this tool.
Regarding the knowledge about graphs and gpt. If someone wants to get familiar with it, there are some wiki pages available.

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Hi @DrGuy,
just to let you know, I have been working on this for several years and created the pyroSAR package. There is also a longer discussion about its benefits on the step forum here.
I’d be very interested in your ideas for OpenSNAPtools, whether you see benefits over pyroSAR and whether we might find an opportunity to work together on this.


Hi John,

I just cloned pyroSAR using Github Desktop, so I’ll install it and figure it out. I do a fair amount of work with both SAR and optical data, so anything that saves me time is great. I would also like to collaborate where possible.

Best regards,

Hi Guy,
great! I’ll be around if you need anything or want to exchange ideas.