Operator 'CollocateOp': Mandatory source product (field 'masterProduct') not set

Dear SNAP developers,

I am trying to collocate two products in GraphBuilder in SNAP version 5.0. If I connect two products to the collocate operator I get the error: Operator ‘CollocateOp’: Mandatory source product (field ‘masterProduct’) not set

Although the similar problem was already mentioned in the post: Snappy: Collocate, set 'masterProduct' this time it is a problem with GraphBuilder not Python binding.

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Jan Musial

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It seems that the Collocate operator is not working well with the GraphBuilder. The two input products are not correctly considered. And it is also difficult to connect the nodes correctly in the right order.
I did it half way manually. First I put in the nodes in the graphbuilder, then I saved it to disk. Changed the file manually. made the connection between the nodes and so one. Afterwards I’ve loaded the graph. And now it seem two work. I attach it here .Maybe it can serve you as an example. collocate.xml (1.9 KB)

@lveci Is this something we can support in the GraphBuilder?


CreateStack in s1tbx-insar is more or less collocate. It uses:

private Product[] sourceProducts;

The first product in the array is the master. Adding a productSetReader before it makes it easier to handle a list of input products

The sources for CreateStack are then just