OperatorException: Java Heap Space

I have developed a script to do some worker faster, with snappy, and can run it “perfectly” on Docker on my macbook pro 2018 (runs really slow, but does the job after a long few hours). but as soon as I try to run it on Docker in a Windows powerful pc, it breaks at the last step, when writing the Geo-Tiff/Big-Tiff.

everything runs smoothly on my mac, but not on PC. this is the error it gives me:

You need to edit the gpt.vmoptions file (it is plain ASCII text) to increase the -XmxNNN setting, where NNN is the maximum heap space Java will use (it is often recommended that NNN not go above half the total RAM in the system). Too little heap space can affect performance. See GPT Performance for discussion.

What about the first WARNING thats appears? the error downloading the ElevationFile… could it influence that last Java Heap Space?