Operators missing from Windows version Graph Builder 7.0.2

add > Radar > Geometric > Terrain Correction > Terrain-Correction and
add > Radar > Geometric > Terrain Correction > SARSim-Terrain-Correction

are both missing from the Windows version of SNAP/S1TBX 7.0.2, while present in the Linux version of 7.0.2. I have not vetted all operations of both menus, so do not know if there are other discrepancies.

Loading a graph in the Windows version of Graph Builder, containing the Terrain-Correction operator results in an error. Such as: Graphs > Radar > Standard Graphs > Orthorectify


I think uninstall and re download the installer and install it again could be the solution , please take a look at this post,

Source of the post

This issue seems to be related to user privileges on Windows.
I completely removed SNAP, and install as administrator, a fresh install of 7.0.0. Terrain-Correction and other operators are available running as regular user or admin. Then I updated to 7.0.2 and execute SNAP as a regular user: Terrain-Correction operator is not available. If I execute SNAP as administrator, all the operators are available. This seems to be a permissions issue created during the 7.0.2 update, that I have not encountered with any previous updates. I have not found any files with different permissions in C:\Program Files\snap.

Running as administrator is not an acceptable solution since administrator does not have access to any of my files.