Opinion on the horizontal/vertical operator in SNAP

Dear collegues,
I’d like to have your opinion on the horizontal/vertical operator introduced in SNAP 9.0
It would be nice to show how it compares with StaMPS as well.
Here there are several discussion on how to obtain both types of motions, but
it is my understanding that no sinple and sightforward opinion is available.

Thank you for your time and collaboration.

What I see is that onone in this forum has tryed it.
I hoped that this function will close the gap to the
functinality needed by large number of experts.

Or may be I should forward this request to the SNAP developres ?

@djagula , @jun_lu could you help?

We will create a tutorial regarding how to use this operator. A Jira ticket ([SNAP-3671] - JIRA) has been created for the task.

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Thank you for considering my request.
I’d nice to have the fomulas as well as the references.
Thank you.