Optical Image Pre-processing

Is there any atmospheric correction and cloud removal for the optical imagery in Sentinel-2? Does it accept different optical sensor? The input drop down is empty for the IKONOS for instance.

In your image you are trying to use a GeoEye with a processor intended for MERIS. Of course, this will not work.
A generic atmospheric correction is not available and also not possible.
For Sentinel-2 data you can use Sen2Cor. It does a atmospheric correction and and cloud detection. More atmospheric corrections for S2 are in development.
In SNAP is IdePix available, which is doing Pixel classification for several optical sensors.

By the way, from you screenshot I see you are not using the latest SNAP version. Probably still a 4.x version?

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Thanks for your good info. Because I didn’t see another option, I used the one for Meris.

So for Landsat, IKONOS, Modis,… preprocessing (atm corr. , ortho), Sentinel-2 toolbox can not be used. I have just updated it to version 5 by the way.

Do you recommend any other “open source” software which is good for Optical pre processing?


I’m not aware of an other software which can do this.
For Landsat and S2 (I don’t know for IKONOS) there are AC’s coming this year. For Modis too (over water).

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