Optimum resolution for INSAR based DSM

Hello All

I am eager to know is there anyway to determine the optimum resolution for a digital elevation model. suppose we have generated Dem based on sentinel-1 satellite imagery. how can we determine the optimum GSD?

Is it formulated based on source image GSD? to me it does not make sense because some factors like atmosphere may affect DSM quality and resolution consequently.

Thanks in advance for your ideas.

in most cases, the limiting factors are phase decorrelation because of vegetation and short baselines. Try to find an image pair from the dry season with 6 or 12 days temporal baseline and a perpendicular baseline of > 150 m. If these conditions are given, you can get a DEM with 10m resolution, but in most cases it makes also sense to apply multi-looking on the interferogram to reduce phase noise before filtering and to to fasten the unwrapping process.

it seems to work, thanks