Option to follow user or specific category


As a Step forum user, I would like to be notified (by email) about new threads created by user which I follow or any user in category which I follow, so that I will not missed anything interesting for me.

Will it be possible?
Currently I can’t find option “follow”.



Yes, you could get the notifications via emails, by adding your email from the preference as below,


I have email properly set within configuration.
Generally speaking I receive notifications by emails, this is not the case.

As I mentioned in title, I would like to follow specific user or category.
Currently I receive notifications only from topics which I participate.


I think in this case you could follow as below yourself, But in the same time it is good idea hopefully the administration of STEP FORUM could add such as choice that the users could get the notification via email for specific category


You can follow (watch) categories. Go to the preferences of your profile.
Almost at the end you can configure the categories you want to watch.

I think our forum software doesn’t allow to follow specific users, but you can do the opposite. You can mute specific users.
So you can mute all users except those you want to follow :wink:


But it would be a big improvement if you can follow users - because sometimes you find someone who works on same or quite similar topics. :wink:

I created a topic for this in the meta forum, but I don’t find it anymore. So sorry, if I repeat myself.