Orbit calculation_Sentinel_1_ICEYE

Hi @Marco_EOM

Sorry for the repeated queries, but I want to make sure that the orbit step is not applied to the ICEYE GRD/and SLC products since the orbit file XML is already provided within an image or product. Is that accurate?

As the orbit is already specified in the metadata, this also applied to Sentinel_1.

Sorry, this is beyond my knowledge.

But I think @jun_lu or @lveci can answer this.

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what do you mean about the orbit step, apply orbit file?
For sentinel1, the orbit in metadata is not accurate (1m accuracy), apply orbit file will download the precise orbit (usually
20days after the imaging time, 5cm accuracy) and replace the orbit in metadata. This will influence the baseline calculation and final geocoding
For ICEYE, we can only use the orbit in its xml, and the accuracy of this orbit info is not known.

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