Orbit file not found, wrong searching file name?

Dear forum

I was working with some older data

and was trying to apply the orbit file to it, but it could not find the orbit file.
The date is old enough for precise data, but it cannot fetch it.

i realized that in the error message it says
add the file to the folder path ***\Orbits\Sentinel-1\POEORB\S1A\2619\06

the data is from 2019 but the folder path specified says 2619.
is this the problem why it is not applying it?

is there a way to correct this?


Ok, the problem is solved now.
I tried again by reopening the zip to SNAP, and this time it worked ok.

i dont know what was the problem…
if any of you have similar issues, try close product, reopen again
or close SNAP, run it and reopen again…(or maybe because there was a update? not sure)

thank you for letting us know