Orbit files of days older than 180 days

I am trying to create an interferogram with two S1a SLC IW images from 20150226 and 20150427. The S1BTX toolbox tells me I need to download orbit files (it does not occur automatically for some reason) and the https://qc.sentinel1.eo.esa.int/aux_poeorb/ website only contains AUX_POERB files for the past 180 days and nothing older. Where do I get the orbit file for 20150226 from?
As a matter of fact, where do I get orbit files for any of the days before the 180 days that appear on the website?


Are you using v1.1.1 or the current beta? The current beta should be able to get all orbit files including historic ones.

Hey, Thanks for the reply. I downloaded and installed the Beta version and everything works fine. Only problem I face now is with the snaphu unwrapping (MCF runs out of memory on a 32 GB, 4 processor ubuntu VM and MST hangs at ‘Treesize: XXXX Pivots: XXXX Improvements: XXXX’). Any suggestions to eliminate this? Thank you in advance!