Orbitfile 6 jan 24

Hello, where can I find the orbit file for product
(not found in the list on copernicus browser

The RESORB file seems to be available on Copernicus Browser.

The access modus could be better described,as the login procedure (,once loggesd in) seems to require another userid password (why? I do not know)
Now the file of today has a similar problem: no orbit data.

I can understand because it is not in the default coverage plan, but likely in the Earthquake related shortterm plan
Please submit the orbit data retrievable for SNAP (as I red somewhere it should be retrievable)
Grazie in Prima
Kees van 't Klooster

Dear @Keeshit,

Regarding the login procedure, have you encountered this issue when searching/downloading the products using the SNAP Product Library?

logged in in Copernicus, I can download data files, but when trying to find the orbit files, Copernicus ask me to log on again – strange - so I cannot download the orbit file…SNAP came with the message: no orbit file. A few hours later it was available, but I do not know from where SNAP picks up the orbitfile.
Before (6 jan) it took more than a day.
It would be nice to be able to copy from the SNAP error message the link to copernicus/…/gnss/…etc as it is too much to type in