Orthorectification tool doesn't find data


I’ve been trying to orthorectify Sentinel-2 L1C data and Landsat 7 data in SNAP, but under “Name” none of my imported files show up. I understand that this might be the case with L1C, since that’s already orthorectified, but Landsat is processed to L1G, so it doesn’t have orthorectification. I’m running SNAP on Windows 7. Anyone run into the same problem?


Sorry Annekatrien for letting you wait so long. Your post slipped somehow through our fingers.
The reason why Landsat is not shown as one of the possible source products is because it does not provide the necessary information to do the orthorectification.
In order to orthorectify the data you need information about the view direction and this is not provided by Landsat.


I also encountered the same problem when I wanted to orthorectify Sentinel-2 image. I hope to know how to provide information about the view direction that Sentinel-2 data “did not provide”? Why don’t you tell us the processes of image orthorectification? Why don’t you provide full tutorial of SNAP?

@tarirs Sentinel-2 L1C products are already orthorectified by the Ground Segment.