OTB Segmentation-meanshift

I wanted to carry out segmentation meanshift (image name: subset.dim) by gives the following error (SNAP version 7.0): .

“ERROR 1: The selected file is an ENVI header file, but to open ENVI datasets, the data file should be selected instead of the .hdr file. Please try again selecting the data file corresponding to the header file: D:\subset.data/B1.hdr
2019-08-20 17:01:36 (INFO): Default RAM limit for OTB is 128 MB
2019-08-20 17:01:36 (INFO): GDAL maximum cache size is 1634 MB
2019-08-20 17:01:36 (INFO): OTB will use at most 12 threads
2019-08-20 17:01:37 (FATAL): Cannot open image D:\subset.dim. Probably unsupported format or incorrect filename extension.
Finished tool execution in 0 seconds”

Thank You

Seems like OTB tools cannot work with dim files. I just tried it and got the same error.
When you use a TIF file as an input it works.

Thank you for the reply.
Now I encounter other issues. I try both methods to export the *dim file to to *tiff (export Geotiff AND export GoeTIFF/bigTIFF) , but without success. It gives me empty *tiff file. I’ll try to reinstall SNAP.
Thanks again for your immediate response

I think there is no need to reinstall SNAP, however reinstall the OTB, because it’s a plugin, from tools --> plugin, uninstall OTB,

Also export to other extension Geotiff , or tiff , should works properly,

the output of the model is a shapefile actually. Have you tried something like test.shp?

Yes, I’ve tried without results.