Other open source SAR packages

Try this?
conda install isce2 -c conda-forge

@Ambrun thank you for your prompt response. I want to ask is there any difference between installing ISCE manually and installing via conda? What would be the default path of installation if installed using conda.

well, create a conda environment, and you can search these via the envs library.

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Hi everyone,

Iā€™m trying to generate SBAS interferograms from Sentinel-1 images for using it in StaMPS. Can I know if there is any tutorials available for ISCE v2 software regarding the installation and generation of SBAS interferograms that can be used in StaMPS. If there is one please share with me. If anyone have done it your guidance would be very much appreciated.

Thank you

Hello EJFielding, I have a very silly question, I am working successfully with ISCE and EnviSAT, I already geocoded the interferogram. These results are in radians? and secondly, these deformations are displacements in the LOS direction or in the vertical direction? Thanks for any help!

Hi Carol, the unwrapped phase output of ISCE2 is in radians. You need to multiply by radar wavelength/4*pi to get range change in meters (or whatever units you use for your wavelength).
InSAR measurements are always in line-of-sight direction.


Thanks for your answer!