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Dear friends. As SNAP cannot currently produce output for SBAS, I need to use roi-pac to prepare my interferograms for StaMPS however the website to download roi-pac is down. Does anyone know how to get it as it needs a liscence and without registering on the website it is not possible to use it . I would very much appreciate it if someone could suggest another free software for SBAS. I tried GMT-SAR but got so many errors so I gave up using it. ;(

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We are adding PyRate-support to SNAP at this moment - that’s a free option for SBAS.



Hello dear. Really? is it done or are you just in the middle of doing it? I badly need it ;(

it just works with the output from gamma and roi-pac (both of which not accessible for me) so what should I do before you guys add this to SNAP ;(

SNAP can output data in the Gamma-format, it’s already done in the StaMPS-export functionality. The teams are currently implementing export to PyRate and the functionality and tutorials should be available “soon” (I cannot give you an exact date). Meanwhile you could study the use of PyRate and practise SNAP InSAR processing if you have not already done so.

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Had you seen this MintPy suggested by other people in this thread?
Check it out here: How to calculate the subsidence using SBAS technique using GAMMA

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The vey old ROI_pac software (last release in 2009), has been replaced by the InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE). The stack processors in ISCE are designed for SBAS analysis. The ISCE software is Open Source since early 2019 on GitHub:


Thanks everyone for your replies. But ISCE also requires a liscence for important functinoalities I believe. Mainly for stacking. Is that right? you mean all functions are available and working or I need to aply for a liscence?

The older version of ISCE, before the Open Source release in 2019, included some applications that require a license, but those applications are obsolete anyway. The stack processors for TOPS Sentinel-1 and stripmap data are new and included in the release.


Thank you so much dear EJFielding. I’ll give it a try.

I checked the manual of mintpy. it’s so confusing and doesn’e describe fully how to prepare and analyze the stack of images.

if you are looking for free and opeen source processing of PS InSAR, especially SBAS, you inevitably have to invest some time to get into the structure of the different programs and also in the preparation of the products and configurations.
I’ afraid, at the moment there is no free “clickable” solution, at least I don’t know any.

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you are right ABraun.

do you have any tutorial or something to use ISCE?

Have you seen this? https://github.com/isce-framework/isce2/blob/master/README.md#running-isce

UNAVCO has hosted a number of short courses on using ISCE since 2014. The course materials are here:
Note that the older short course materials (before 2018) describe obsolete ISCE applications that are not in the open source ISCE2 v2.3 release but may provide some useful background.

Hello everybody
I’m starting with the world of SAR, I need to do land subsidence strain monitoring. I need to find a open tool.
Where can I find more information about ISCE?
ISCE works for PS and SBAS?

please don’t cross-post the same question over various topics. I have deleted it in the other.

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Hello Hugo,

The ISCE v2 software does InSAR processing, including stack processing to form interferograms of a stack of SAR observations on a satellite track. ISCE does not include the time-series analysis, but the processed stack can be used with other packages such as StaMPS (for PS and SBAS) or MintPy (for SBAS) analysis. The ISCE2 GitHub page for installation is:

The ISCE2 GitHub page for documentation and tutorials is:


ISCE is probably the most complicated in terms of installation. Besides several attempts I unable to install ISCE so far.