Ouutput of the SIMEC adjacency correction using iCOR for S2

Hi everyone,

I’m running iCOR due to its implementation of SIMEC (SIMilarity Environment Correction) for correction of adjacency effects in Sentinel-2 MSI images. I’m interest in understanding the impact of adjacency correction in the retrieved water reflectance in my study area, so I used the option to “Keep intermediate data” to have access to the files created during this step. However, I couldn’t understand what these files represent. They have a range of ~3 to 255 in the images I run. For example, for band 8A, I get this:
file: S2B_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_SGS__20180523T160118_A006327_T24LZQ_N02_06_SIMEC_20M.tif

The output of iCOR (corrected image) for B8A looks like this (water reflectance, unitless):

I looked over the Use Manual, the papers, and around the internet, but couldn’t find anything about these intermediate files (and what process they represent in the SIMEC). If anyone could point me to some info regarding this, that would be great!