Own interferometry

dear all
some one tell me how can i make my own interferogram and coherence by using band math
and this is possible or no

best regard

please have a look at these tutorials:

If you question is : “I know how to do interferometry using SNAP but I would like to do some computation by hands”, then the answer is yes, you can.

If you go back to your materials and look into the formula, you can do it yourself. A few months ago, I did it for academic purposes. In this post -> Imaginary and real parts of interferometry , I did the development for the interferogram

For the coherence, you also need to use the filter because of the summations. Practically, you just need a constant 1 rectangular filter without normalization. If I write down the formation, we have :


The upper part of the equation is computed as follow, on pixel basis. Then you use your filter for the sums

For the lower part, you just formulate the intensity by (on a pixel basis, then you sum using your filter)

Once you have all your terms and all summations are done, you simply compute the coherence estimation by


Note that in our developments, we did not remove any phase term, meaning that the flat earth component is still present.

If you question was just “how do I make an interferogram using SNAP”, firstly I would be sad because I wrote that for nothing and second, there are tons of related topics and the materials given by @ABraun :wink:


if yes i will try make a new band interferometry and coherance by using i q , intensity