Parallel download limit for large volumes


What is the best way of downloading very large volumes of images for Sentinel products? It takes days to download a dataset of a given area from 2015, especially with the 2 file parallel download limitation… Also sometimes the speeds are very slow even on fiber connection.

Can you give some advice?


In addition to the Copernicus Open Hub, Sentinel data is also available through the Copernicus regional hubs, as well non-Copernicus sources like ASF Vertex for S-1 or Amazon AWS for Sentinel-2. Also if moving your processing into the cloud is an option you could check out the four Copernicus DIAS instances that were opened very recently.

Thanks for the clarification. What is the regional hub for Europe? I have used IPSentinel for portuguese datasets and it’s very fast, but it has a rotating archive so I still have to use Open Hub for pre-2018 data.

There’s no European hub, here’s a list of the national ones: