Parameters of goldstein phase filtering

Dear all,

I’m trying to play the goldstein phase filter. When I set the FFT size bigger, I could get much clear interferometry info in mountain area. But seems less effect of changing the windows size. So, is it right to set the FFT size to 256?
The above interferogram used FFT size 256 and window size 3, while the other one used FFT size 32 and window size 3.

And I found that the PhaseFilter operator in Graph Builder has different parameters with goldstein method. There are Alpha, Blocksize. Overlap and kernel. What is the difference of both filter? And how to set and use them when I processing mountain area (where exist much area with low coherence)?

Thank you!


ouch! shame no one replied I’d be interested in to getting the details about it too.

I’ll have a look around in the forum…

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