Patch's lonlat

I will be apprecicate it if you could help me ,How to check the longitude and latitude of each patch and How to estimate the phase ramp of several patches and remove them from the whole interferogram.

the different components of phase are documented in the ps_plot script:

%    'hgt'  for topography
%    'w'    for wrapped phase
%    'p'    for spatially filtered wrapped phase 
%    'u'    for unwrapped phase
%    'usb'  for unwrapped phase of small baseline ifgs
%    'rsb'  for residual between unwrapped phase of sb ifgs and inverted
%    'd'    for spatially correlated DEM error (rad/m) estimated from SM or from SB depending on your processing
%    'D'    for spatially correlated DEM error (rad/m) from SM inverted data when using SB
%    'm'    for AOE phase due to master
%    'o'    for orbital ramps 
%    's'    for atmosphere and orbit error (AOE) phase due to slave (not compatible with 'a')
%    'a'*   for stratisfied topo-correlated atmosphere using TRAIN dependency. 
%    'asb'* for stratisfied topo-correlated atmosphere of small baselines using TRAIN dependency

I don’t think there is need for a separate topic on this.

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