Path/Row for Sentinel-2

When I check the Sentinel-2 metadata, I dont see “row and path” info. as Landsat does.

I have tiles include multiple scenes where the number of the same scene needs to be counted in a specific time period. Without extracting the path/row, any other alternative for the Sentinel 2?


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Please be informed that the Sentinel-2 products are a compilation of elementary granules of fixed size, along with a single orbit. A granule is the minimum indivisible partition of a product (containing all possible spectral bands). For Level-1C and Level-2A, the granules, also called tiles, are 110 km x 110 km ortho-images in UTM/WGS84 projection.
The 110 km x 110 km footprint of each tile can be obtained in a Keyhole Mark-up Language (KML) file (downloadable at
The S2A L1C products distributed before 5 October 2016 on Sentinels DataHub are packaged in multi-L1C tile containing more than one S2A L1C granule (110 km x 110 km).

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Sentinel 2 products do not use the Path/Row naming convention. As @Fabrizio_Ramoino says, they are provided in Tiles. Information on the Naming Convention can be found in Section 2.7.2 of the Product Specification Document [PSD] available in the Sentinel-2 Document Library and via the Sentinel Online website.



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