PCA Analysis - SVD failed

Hey all,

Am new to PCA analysis. I’m trying to do this using GLCM analysed data.
I have found it to be a better way to get accurate classification using this forum (through threads).
But I get a different message while performing PCA analysis.
My input is GLCM data (10 features extracted) - just one product.
I don’t see any options of eigenvectors/mean vectors (options available with <8.0 version I think) - am probably using the later versions of snap (8.0).

Have a look at “Interesting” Projections — Where PCA Fails by Steve Driscoll.

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I’ve found that this error can be solved by checking the missing pixel values (NaN) in the bands. They can be simply disregarded by clicking No-Data value and entering NaN, in band properties.

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