Pconvert error on a S1 GRD with calibration-terrain correction-LinearTodB

Dear all,
I faced a problem using pconvert on a Sentinel-1 image (S1B_IW_GRDH_1SDV_20170609T052556_20170609T052621_005969_00A798_2842 in my example) which has been previously processed with gpt using the “calibration-terrain correction-LinearTodB” chain (see attached graph s1_cal_tc_db_co_pol.xml (4.2 KB) )

When I run pconvert trough a command line call like this:
pconvert -b 1 -f tif -o pconvert_out s1_cal_tc_db_co_pol.tif
I obtain a giant log ending with this error message:

creating histogram for band ‘Sigma0_VV_db’…
creating RGB image…
error: failed to create image: null

Can someone help me to understand if I do something wrong or if there is a bug in pconvert?

Thank you very much in advance.

This is often caused by memory issues. Can you check the pconvert.vmoptions file in the bin folder. You can increase the Xmx value here. But not too high. Roughly 80% of the RAM of your computer should not be exceeded.
But it could also be that the tiff format cannot handle the size.