Peps downloader_download directly window bug

Dear all,

I use “peps downloader” plugin to download sentinel images in the background used peps cnes interface.
The dowload is done correctly, however I can not change the recording path from download directly window. This window bug (see attachment)! I using window version.

Have you encountered this bug!

Thank you

I also had this error on several on my machines and could not find a solution. This was the main reason why I stopped working with the PEPS downloader.

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Thank you ABraun for your confirmation. Maybe it’s a software bug and we should then report it to the managers of the Peps CNES interface. If it is not discreet, do you have an alternative solution to download these products in the background!

Thank you!

I use the ASF search for batch downloading S1 data and it works fine (needs python).

Thank you ABraun. I will test this.