Per pixel uncertainties in SLSTR Level1B?

Is it possible to translate the radiometric_uncertainty in the S<b>_quality_<vv>.nc to per pixel uncertainties? And if so, how do I do this, for the S-channels in particular?

Below an example of the S1_radiometric_uncertainty_an variable in the file. How should I interprete this information?

Hi Carolien,

How one can make use of these values is described in this ATBD
Sentinel-3 SLSTR Uncertainties in Level-1 Products Algorithm
and Theoretical Basis Document
There is also a python tool available to convert the given uncertainty values into per-pixel uncertainties: Sentinel-3 SLSTR Uncertainties in Level-1 Products Python
Tool User Manual

Thank you, the MapnoiS3 tool seems to work fine.
However, after installation only ADF L1 files are available for SLSTR-A. Where can we find ADF L1 product files for SLSTR-B?