Performance benchmarking


I am working on a task that involves sizing of VMs/Physical machines to carry out data processing using sentinel toolbox. From the SNAP GUI, I can access some information about the recommended size (Tools->Options-> Performance). But I am looking for more information.

Could anyone please provide references to sentinel toolbox performance (e.g. processing time for a particular algorithm with respect to input data of particular size running on a particular hardware spec). I am looking for information like "it will take x hours to run the co-registration processor on sentinel 1 data of type x (input size in GB, number of inputs etc.) on a VM with 4 cores, 64GB RAM etc.

I believe toolbox development team might have done this bench-marking and want to share such information (even if it is not very detailed bench-marking) ? Or regular users of sentinel-1 toolbox may want to share their experience/notes on performance.

Thanks in advance.

Please let me know if someone has information about CPU/RAM requirements. Thanks in advance.