Permission Denied (Snap2Stamp Workflow)

Hey guys, i have a Q related to an error when i tried to execute a python script ( in the terminal. I read something about permissions but chmod +x doesnt work (yet…).

Thanks !!

Just try to run with sudo command.

Using “sudo” is rarely a proper solution, and often has nasty side effects: permission errors when files are written with root ownership, settings and downloaded files save in root’s home directory. This creates problems that are hard to resolve, and in some cases has required a complete reinstall of the OS and SNAP.

Please avoid posting screen captures. They are not searchable so may not help others with the same problem, and make it harder for people helping you to quote sections from the error report. In your case, ['/home/envi/snap/bin', ...] looks like a configuration problem with the arguments to I suspect the first entry should be the full path of the gpt program, but you have the snap install directory.

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yes, thanks a lot, my fault, in the project.conf file i needeed to replace with /home/envi/snap/bin/gpt.