Perpendicular baseline chart

Hi everyone, I want to form “perpendicular baseline - time” chart on SNAP. Where can I find the toolbox belong to this chart? Could anyone help me please? Thanking you in advance.
As in example,


For the coregistered stack you can open View/Tool Windows/Radar/InSAR Stack and go to the tab “Baseline Chart”


as soon as you have created an InSAR stack you can use this tool

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Thank you so much for your help. @ABraun and @mfitrzyk =) But I have one more question. How to transfer the values of all data? I want to create a chart for multiple data. I’m sorry for my ignorance.

I used a pair of data. And I got below chart.

you could switch to the “baselines” tab and copy the tabular data from there to insert it in another program.


Ok. But not in another program. I have 10 data sets. And I want to create 10 interferograms with their correlation. I want to see baseline values of 10 different points in the same graphic. For example, there are three point your chart . Probably that chart of more than one data set. How did you create? Thanking you in advance.

I would be glad if you help me. I really need this. Thanking you in advance. @ABraun @mfitrzyk

You simply cotegister multiple slave images against one master. If your are using Sentinel data, create AB AC AD pairs and merge them and create an stack afterwards.
AB BC CD coregistration is currently not supported in SNAP

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I am using SNAP 6.0. I am not able to see any option to generate the baseline chart. Is there any other way to generate it ?

You don’t see the tool icon or the chart is empty?

Not able to see the tool icon.

make sure you activate the “radar tools” in the toolbar:


You also find it here:

Thank You, it is working.

Can we plot a similar chart using matlab after StaMPS processing ?

Automated Snap’s python2 project.conf script Co-registers multiple slave images with a single master image which creates multiple coregistered master-slave pairs, while this InSAR stack tool requires a single file containing all the input slaves with the master scene. Is it possible if you could guide me how I can achieve such purpose ?