Phase and unwrapped phase error

Hi have a problem! this the phase

and this is unwrapped phase

Friends ¿what is the problem?

use the color manipulation tab to move the color stretching of the unwrapped phase. There is probably more going on in the area which is currently purple but as snap tries to stretch the colors over the entire range, this area’s contrasts are still under-represented. Move the color balance more to the lower values.

Based on the low interferogram values in the bottom left part, these extreme values might be just unwrapping errors.

I already did what you suggested and no more values ​​appear

please specify your problem.

Can you please show a histogram and the color coding of the image?

what unwrapping options have you chosen for snaphu?
200 pixels overlap are recommended, but not selected by standard.

Ok, I try to it.


The problem persist

can you draw a diagonal line and plot a profile?

I have tried with other images and other years and places and the problem persists, it only develops one sector.

Can I send you the phase file so that you try to unwrap it?
I suspect that snaphu has something wrong

yes, we can try.


This is the link for download the file


the unwrapping is currently processing but I see that your fringes are disturbed by the different burst boundaries

Actually, you should perform the TOPS Deburst after the creation of the interferogram. These phase jumps are probably one reason why the unrapping failed.

the files you send already have deburst

yes, but in the wrong order

actually, you apply it after the interferogram generation (including topographic phase removal). Otherwise you get these phase jumps.

Ok! I try to it.

Very thanks!


The error, I solved changing the version of SNAP