Phase Unwrapping Question

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I have a Question, maybe it’s basic but I Want to Know
"While working On Surface Subsidence with SAR, Why Phase Unwrapping is Important…??
Is any other technique which will me used instead of This…??

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Hello M.Ali512,

You need unwrapped phase because if you want to carry out your “Subsidence analysis” you have to convert unwrapped phase into metric units! This is what I understood about it!
I’m new in this analysis so this is the better answer I can give you :smiley:


Thanks Piero for helping
But my question is that "can we work on Surface Subsidence without phase unwrapping in SAR Interferometry or other technique instead of this…??


If you want to work with SAR interferometry, you have to unwrap your phase to know the subsidence of the surface.

Other techniques exist but it’s not InSAR.

Hope it helps

you could, theoretically investigate the basic interferogram in order to get a first impression about the general surface characteristics.

This was one of the first publications where interferometry was used: They didn’t unwrap it because they only needed the phase difference between two images in order to derive fault lines. But if you want absolute measures you need to unwrap the interferogram.

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