Phase unwrapping result after using S1 B as a master and S1A as a slave

i tried to work on short temporal baseline so here what i did: i chose two SLC products S1A (29/4/2019) and S1B (5/5/2019) so that only 6 days is the time duration between the two acquisitions. they didn’t cover the same area but they is a common part between them and using the split step in snap i choose a common burst between the two products. i did the same processing as for 2 SLC S1A and the coregistration did not fail. and here what i got as a coherence estimation, interferogram and unwrapped phase respectively.

is it possible?
thank you.

Looks like most of your area is covered by forest. This would explain the low coherence in your area.

Some of the observed phase patterns are caused by decorrelation while others could show actual surface movement.
It’s always hard to tell what is the case.

yes, as you said exactly.
so, it is not a problem for combining S1 A and S1 B images for displacement?

No, you can combine them as long as you select the correct bursts (as you did).