Photochemical reflectance index (PRI)


does sentinel-2 have PRI index? l found Band 11 and 12 use, but l am not sure for S2 which band use?

At this webpage IDB - Search results for »PRI« ( I see that wavelength ~530 and ~570 are used for PRI. Considering that S2 has only 560 in this wavelength area, I doubt that S2 can be used to compute PRI. Band 11 and 12 are not appropriate.

Thank you for reply.

Yeah. Too l found that Normalized Difference 531/570 Photochemical Reflectance Index 531/570 and too there is same. But which S2 bands is appropriate for it?

As I said, I doubt that S2 can be used.
Maybe someone else has some other knowledge?