Pins from S2 image different on S1 image


I create several pins of my are of interest in S2 image and import them (through pin manager) to the S1 image, but some of them seem to be in the wrong position. I’ve tried to apply orbit correction, but no improvement. Any suggestion?


Edit: Aaaa Sentinel 1 (Sar) image seems to be “mirrored” like this function in photoshop. But I don’t get it why… Hmm didn’t notice this in the course “Echoes in Space”. Is there any function to see it like in optical image?

Why are they on the wrong position if you place them yourself?

About the “mirrored image” - this is completely normal: S1 image opens upside down

Aaaa okey… It is little bit strange for me, but now I get it. Thx!!