Pixel Information: bands visualization

I created a RGB compositve out of different band files (i.e. from different products).
I would like to see information from each band like this:

But it seems that in order to have acess to that information, I need to open each of this bands, otherwise, I will only see information of only one of them. Here I closed all bands, except my RGB composite and now I am only able to see information about one of them:

Is there a way of looking to pixel information, and see all the bands there, whithout having to opening every single band (in this case is only B2, B3 and B4).

Thank you very much.z

Yes, this is possible.
Please go to Tools --> Options in the menu.
And then uncheck the option shown below.

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Perfect. Thanks @marpet

thanks for this post, it was already helpful. As I’m interested in doing several RGB composites with different combinations though, I’m wondering if there is a way to check, for every RGB composite specifically, which bands were considered.

I think I don’t get your question. As you define or select the RGB profile you know which bands are considered.
You can enable the option to create virtual bands for each RGB channel. Then you can see these values in the Pixel Information window.

Thanks for your reply. I meant if I try several RGB combinations (e.g. 4-3-2, 8-4-3, 7-6-5, 12-11-8A…), until now, I write down on a paper which combination corresponds to which opened RGB window in the snap interface, or I have to save the RGB profiles individually, giving each the name of the considered band for this specific combination. If I create virtual bands for each RGB channel, I’ll have all created bands of all created RGB profiles showed as virtual bands at the bottom of the band list, as I will get all information of every bands in the Pixel Information window, but I cannot see which specific bands where considered for a specific profile, and get only information for those bands.
Of course I can remember which combination I’ve used, but by a lot of combinations, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why I was wondering if there is a mean to verify which bands are represented in a specific RGB composite.

OK, now I got your point.
Actually we have it already on the list. It is one of the bullet points of the SNAP-564 issue.
I’ve raised the priority of this issue.

Ok thanks!

Dear Clemence,

When you open RGB window you can get the information of which S2 band is associated to R-G-B channels on the ‘Colour Manipulation Window’ (‘Name’ displayed in the upper right part of the window).

For instance in natural colour RGB composition:
Red --> Name: B4
Green --> Name: B3
Blue --> Name: B2

I hope that this will help you

Best Regards,

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Dear Fabrizio,

thank you very much, that’s it!

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