Plugin Installer Failed

I am a new SNAP user so my question is probably very basic. The Plugin Installer fails, with a statement about the network connection (which seems to be working). I have Windows 10 and SNAP 8.0. Suggestions, please? Thank you.

Sometimes it helps just to retry later or maybe you need to adjust the proxy settings if you are behind a proxy.
Can you be more specific about the error?

Hello Marco,

This is the error message - “Checking for updates failed. Check your network connection, verify that your proxy setting are configured correctly, or try again later.”

I’ve tried several times. I don’t have a proxy server - I’m working in a private office without proxy/firewall. Also, I cannot connect to access the orbit files but that is fixed in 8.0.3(?).

From a browser, can you access STEP website ?

Hello, Oana,
Yes, I can.