Polarimetric SAR

Now that I have performed all the necessary steps to my data, I want to interpret the SAR data. I can see there are not many changes in the image after i calibrated my image. I want to write a result for my thesis report. From where can i find what are the changes which i got in my image by applying the steps? I have tried looking for changes in the meta data but could not find much change. Can you please help me?

why do you expect changes? Calibration doesn’t necessarily change your data to a large degree, it often just applies a calibration constant or corrects for subtle trends based on the incidence angle. These changes are often not evident to the eye. You could, however compare the histograms or use the image statistics to see if your data changed (regarding range, mean, min, max…)

Like changes in the intensity values?
and what about orientation angle correction. Does that works in the same manner?

gusortiz has worked on the orientation angle:

thnks i will go through it once.